Saturday, January 24, 2009

Sweet Scents from Paris - Diptyque Candles for Less

Happy New Year to Recessionistas around the Globe! This is a favorite picture of mine showing the Arc de Triomphe & the Champs-Élysées all light up for the holidays. I've enjoyed some great shopping & dining in the City of Lights and have many found memories of my trips there. This afternoon, I'm having a great remembrance of things past as the storms are still hitting Los Angeles and I'm doing my some shopping for some of my very best girlfriends. One of them is a "francophile", and I am looking around the Internet today for a french treat for her at a bon prix (good price) for me. And that brings me to the topic of today's post: Diptyque Candles. I love the fragrant scent of these candles in my home. They make the whole house smell beautiful and refreshed. And they literally light up any holiday scene. The shopping mission du jour is to find these luxury brand candles at a great price. Even on trips to France, they have been pricey. But today, I have made an amazing discovery while looking for the candles at a price I can live with. Voila! Amazon! I had NO idea that the fabulous, long lasting Diptyque Candles were available at great prices on Amazon. My favorite one is the Oyedo Candle. This is basically, a Japanese grapefruit scent. Diptyque describes it as " the fruit of a tonic blend of citrus fruits (mandarin and grapefruit). " The candle and others from the Diptyque Catalog are available on
And that's not all, Amazon has other Candles & aromatherapy products for less.
Check out this nice set of Lavender, Lemongrass & Tangerine candles for $20.95.
Candles provide a sweet scent for Valentines gifts that are unbreakable and can be easily shipped. Some of my other favorites:
Karen Klein Sicilian Grapefruit Candle available at Loehmann's for approx. $7.00 US
Target Soy-Pomegranate Candle for $7.79 US
So if you're looking for a great gift for less, consider a candle in the Christmas tradition of lumineria.
PS: You might also find some great Candle deals at Marshall's & TJ Maxx's & even on eBay! :) PSS: If you are a francophile, or just a classic handbag lover, shopping club Ideeli is offer discounted Karl Lagerfeld sunglasses. To check them out go to:
Then enter the invite code : recessionista
Remember to stay warm & shop wisely.

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